ROGUE WAVE - Yerba Mate with Lemon

A sudden swell in a sea of the unknown. The stars are glowing while nature’s power is flowing, strong and free.

Ride the Rogue Wave and let it lead you to calmer waters on a rising tide of lemon, honey, and yerba maté.

Rogue Wave is an approachable, sessionable, and divinely balanced beverage that takes effect quickly, floating you out on a gentle sea of satisfaction.


Filtered Water, VT Wildflower Honey*, Black Tea*, Sumac*, VT Hemp Flower*, Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract*‡, Citra Hops, Lactic Acid. (*Organic)

‡CANNABIS EXTRACT: Distilled Water, Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, Caprylic/Caprylate Triglycerides, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate.

A bright, fresh lemon aroma rises first, not quite hiding a honey sweetness that adds a balance to a swell of yerba mate earthiness.

A gentle yellow-orange hue that’s cloudy like the sea under a light wind.

Lemon and honey ebb and flow, giving light, movement, a sense of renewal to the lightly astringent, earthy flavor of yerba mate.

Rogue Wave is not a storm at sea, but a unique and pleasant swell you can ride comfortably. It takes effect quickly and leaves your head drifting, ready to take a current wherever it may lead.

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